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2017 Apartment Kitchens to Die for | Small Kitchen Ideas

From kitchen tile to kitchen flooring we’ve found 13 amazing kitchens from 2017 for some dreamy inspiration. I spent so long thinking of ways to update my small kitchen after I moved to a new apartment last fall. Looking at these bright kitchens with beautiful backsplashes, kitchen tile, and pretty wood floors gave me a lot of motivation to take my kitchen to the next level! I love the bright and open spaces that modern design brings but I also love some rustic kitchen décor. These small apartment kitchens take modern design and the cozy hygge trend to new levels with some kitchen designs you will die for.

The Clean White Backsplash | Small Kitchen Ideas

One of the most perfect kitchen design trends of 2017 has been the resurgence of subway tiles. I am obsessed with sunny kitchens that have white subway tiles as a backsplash or wall tile. It’s such a nice backdrop for any accent color or décor style.


Exposed Brick Backsplash | Small Kitchen Ideas

If you’re lucky enough to have an exposed brick wall in your kitchen, I hope you can see its beauty! I love this kitchens cabinet design for keeping open shelves against the accent wall instead of putting up cabinets. Plus there’s a great amount of storage here for any small space![/vc_column_text]


Skinny Kitchen Design | Small Kitchen Ideas

The hardest part about having a small kitchen is not having enough counter top space.  By building cabinets up to the ceiling in the same color as the tile you create more open space and have more storage to keep things off the counter tops.


Narrow Kitchen Perfection | Small Kitchen Ideas

This narrow kitchen somehow feel like it has more than enough space. Big countertops and clean counter to ceiling tile gives this kitchen an abundance of space to play with. Hanging shelves instead of cabinets helps keep the kitchen feel spacious.


Modern Apartment Kitchen | Small Kitchen Ideas

This ultra-modern kitchen takes sleek lines to a new level. Tall, flat cabinets look great with the barstools and funky lamp!


Small Island Perfection | Small Kitchen Ideas

For a kitchen with a lack of storage and counter space, Inspired by Charm’s apartment kitchen looks like a paradise to cook in. The bright space looks so unique with dark cabinets and a pretty kitchen island.


Mint Green Kitchen | Small Kitchen Ideas

Love green accents? Why not go for a full mint makeover! With white tile and big windows this mint green kitchen is the cutest one we’ve seen in 2017!


Rustic Kitchen Design | Small Kitchen Ideas

This apartment kitchen rocks their exposed brick wall by balancing it with bright white cabinets and clean wood countertops. I love this kitchen for its storage and it’s space!


Black and White Kitchen | Small Kitchen Ideas

This glamorous black and white kitchen uses modern marble and pretty shelves to make an amazing kitchen style!  For an easy way to add some glam in your kitchen: update to pearly white marble counter tops. You will love the modern update!


Bold Modern Kitchen | Small Kitchen Ideas

This pretty, British apartment uses a bold blue to make a fabulous statement. It rocks the mid-century modern vibe with fun chairs and lines made from natural wood.  The wood flooring and wood accents balances the bold cabinet color for a beautiful moody kitchen.

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Mid-Century Modern Kitchen | Small Kitchen Ideas

This bold, bright kitchen is uses the perfect color pallet for a mid-century modern kitchen. The bright walls look great against the wood and white accents throughout the kitchen and dinner table.


Cool Modern Kitchen | Small Kitchen Ideas

With unique countertops that make a bold statement against the white tiled walls and cabinets, this modern kitchen masters the cool factor. I’m obsessed with the stainless steel accents through-out. This kitchen gets bonus points for a creative and pretty storage solutions.


Moody Elegant Kitchen | Small Kitchen Ideas

This small kitchen masters a cozy feel with bronze accents against a dusty light blue. With white marble counter tops there is nothing more elegant than this moody little kitchen.


These beautiful kitchens have inspired to make some changes to my own décor! They’ve inspired me to keep the blinds open, keep the counter tops clean and only bring décor and furniture into my home that I love. With any apartment move, there are many tools to make the process easier! I use Room Remix to make sure my furniture will fit in my home before I buy it so I don’t waste time with returns.

Try out these modern accents in your kitchen today, always try before you buy!