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We Found Our Dream Home. Now We Need To Furnish It.

We found our dream home. Now we need to furnish it!

Let’s go shopping! A lot of time and energy took place to find your dream home, and now moving is becoming a reality. The visits with the realtor, the reviewing of home plans, the hundreds of ads scoured to find that first apartment, the dream is coming true. Now the fun begins. Someone needs to furnish the place, it’s time to go shopping. The days of watching TV on the floor will be gone with a new couch or chair set. Or if you can only dream of new furniture for your whole house, here are a few simple touches that can make your new space feel special.


Start here! This is your sanctuary, after the stress of moving you want a calm space to retreat. The Spruce gives a great checklist for what you need for your first apartment.  Number two on the list, the bed.

Everything else can come, but without a good nights sleep it will be hard to online shop!

source: apartment therapy

This bed would work well in a variety of styles, traditional and modern. It is clean and comforting. I love that it incorporates grey and pink, on trend and onward toward relaxation.

Source: Decoholic

Living Room

Have you thought about why type of living room you want? A place for comfort, another place to eat or something like our grandparents house where the furniture was there for decoration not function. Read more from HGTV about choosing living room furniture.

source: HGTV


This would fall under an essential piece of furniture in any size house. This couch will never go out of style. Well, we can’t guarantee that, but this style is durable and stylish that could last through a whole lot of life changes. I am talking to you…

Source: Apartment Therapy


These chairs would work well in an apartment space or in a larger house that has a full dining room and smaller kitchen nook. The chairs bring in a modern, youthful look.


This chair was meant to sit in. Imagine relaxing on this chair, with a cozy blanket and a good book.


Stay organized and keep your entry way clear and clutter free. This would work well in an apartment. Bins could be used for shoes or blankets and you could throw a basket on top to neatly collect miscellanies items.

Source: wayfair via Room Remix

This has me giddy. Think of how each person in your house could have their own space.

Source: Pinterest

Enjoy the newness and don’t make the usual online shopping fail and buy something that doesn’t fit your new floor plan. Download and use the Room Remix app to try new decor in your new home today to make sure you will be ready for the house warming party! Get shopping now. Your room, your way. Today.