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Indigo Home Accent to Make a Moody Statement in Your Home

Indigo Home Accent to Make a Moody Statement in Your Home

With summer leaving us we’ve been in a blue mood lately. But we’re not letting it get to us and instead we’re channeling this moody vibe with some inky accents for your home. What’s that blue called? Indigo. It’s rich hues make the perfect statement in any home and it’s not just a trend, indigo is here to stay..


Indigo Accent Color | Home Statement Ideas

Indigo is as beautiful as it is striking. Bringing this rich fabric into your home will be easiest as an accent color. Start off with some indigo accent pillows and maybe a throw blanket as well.  Combined with earth tones and a plethora of white you can’t go wrong with this bold statement.

Source: Amber Interiors

Indigo Home Furnishings | Home Statement Ideas

If you’re feeling very moody then go all indigo everywhere. This sleek denim couch and minimal furniture allows many shades of blue to work together perfectly without being overwhelming. The key here is not over stuffing your room with things and a good bit of natural light.

Source: Casa Tres Chich

Indigo Wall Decor | Home Statement Ideas

White walls getting you down? Make a major statement with indigo on white walls.  We love the contrast in Design Sponge’s office space. The warmth this velvety tone brings will inspire you to keep working through those long projects.  Plus it works perfectly with the modern furniture!

Source: Design Sponge

Rustic Home Accents | Home Statement Ideas

Whether you’re the DIY type or you love the rustic home look, you’ve probably seen how ladders are being used to showcase home decor. We love using them to display blankets or towels. Design Sponge’s mix of a lived in ladder and the deep indigo blankets looks perfect next to the blank white walls.

Source: Design Sponge

Blue Kitchen Accents | Home Statement Ideas

You might not be able to find this range oven in your local Sears but it would be well worth the search. Next to these farm house white cabinets this blue oven makes a statement no guest will forget!

Source: Home Cooking Tips

Bold Blue Accent | Home Statement Ideas

If you have an old fireplace, painted brick is becoming a very cool trend.  Though we’ve commonly seen brick painted white, the deep blue hue brings a cozy vibe you will love. Add some leather or wood accents and you will have a bright yet warm home, different from the others on the block.

Source: Luisa Brimble

Indigo Wall Colors | Home Statement Ideas

If you want to make a fun statement in your home look no further than an indigo wall. Beware of letting the dark indigo swallow the whole room. Combat this by bringing your indigo accent into a bright white room with lots of natural light. This white kitchen is perfect for a bold wall, in combination with the metallic accents you will make every guest swoon.

Source: JaymeeSRP

Indigo Art for Your Bedroom | Home Statement Ideas

The easiest way to bring bold colors into your home is with bright art that pops. The balance in this bedroom of symmetric paintings and pillows make this bed the perfect simple bedroom design. Combining indigo with natural toned textiles, like this tan blanket and white duvet, make the blues pop and work perfectly with the room.

Source: Design Hunter

Go bold, go bright, go blue. You will love the richness that indigo adds to your home especially as as the weather turns colder and we tend to spend more time indoors. Don’t take our word for it, try out these indigo styles in your home today!