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Leather Furniture Pieces to Bring Together Any Living Room Style

Leather Furniture Pieces to Bring Together Any Living Room Style

Leather is as timeless as a little black dress. It goes with almost any decor and always looks good. Modern designs have leaned towards unique materials like felt, cool canvas and even rich velvets. We’re seeing leather make a comeback, think sleek 70’s designs turned modern. You’re not going to find an XL leather recliner in this list, instead, we have pretty leather furniture that will help bring that modern-lived-in vibe to your whole place.

Leather Sofas For Living Room | Living Room Style

Bright Leather Couch

This living room’s colorful décor accents the bright leather couch perfectly! The white walls and cabinets allow the furniture to pop for a lovely, vibrant living room.

Source: home edit

Mid-Century Modern Leather Couch

This leather couch’s skinny legs and clean lines make it the perfect mid-century modern couch. The cute apartment rocks the multi-tone wood color scheme perfectly by bringing warm leathers and sticking to their 70’s vibe.

Source: Liberty Interiors

Sophisticated Leather Couch

Modern style often feels bohemian or minimalist. This room is a great example of using modern accents to make a luxurious home that is your style. In the end, we can’t all be minimalists so embrace your style!

Source: House of Hipsters

Cozy Leather Living Room

This is the coziest looking leather couch we’ve rounded up so far!  The large seat and arms are balanced by accent furniture with sleek lines and open spaces. Modern Sanctuary delivered color scheme perfection.

Source: Modern Sanctuaries

Rustic Leather Sofa

This sunny, modern living room takes rustic design to new heights. The unique cement wall accent cools down the warm leather sofa in a lovely way.

Source: Blog Lovin

Update Your Used Leather

Though this black leather couch has a cute modern frame, the style reminds me of many hand-me-down couches I’ve seen in and out of friends’ homes. SF Girl rocks the black couch & white walls by using the contrast to her advantage. The colorful rugs and accents make this black leather come to life!

Source: SF Girl By Bay

Leather Sectional

Leather sectionals are often large and overwhelm the design of a room. This couch, though not a true sectional, functions like a big comfy couch while looking like a modern magazine design. With bright leathers that contrast the white wall and piles of colorful textures through the room, this couch work perfectly.

Source: Domino

Leather Chairs For Living Room | Living Room Style

Cute Leather Chair

You may remember this style of chair being fuzzy baby blue in your high best friend’s school bedroom. Here’s a very updated look to a versatile and space friendly chair design. I love how light and cozy this leather lounger looks making it the perfect bohemian accent.

Source: blog.thehighboy

Masculine Leather Living Room

I can’t get over the living room furniture in this stylish loft! The bright leather offsets the moody velvet especially when the whole room is full of natural light. The velvet and leather combo here is perfection.

Source: Liberty Interiors

Leather Accent Furniture

I’m crazy about end of bed benches! A leather topped bench is the rustic accent you’ve been waiting for. Though I love benches in the bed room, this would look really cute in an entry way or as extra seating in the living room.

Source: Restoration Hardware

Leather Chair

This is a beautiful and unique take on a modern chair design we’ve seen a lot lately. Staying on trend while finding one of a kind pieces can be difficult but with the onset of online furniture shopping it’s become pretty easy to find really cool accents like this beauty!

Source: Decor8 Blog

Easy Leather Accents

This bright, white-toned living room looks stunning with its rich leather accents. Though I normally don’t advocate for starkly different colors of leather, this room makes it work perfectly. I love the light leather of the foot stool as it’s balanced by the dark almost velvet looking chair across the room. With furniture pieces that make a statement themselves it’s easy to pull-together a room you love.

Source: One Kings Lane

Whether you’re looking for a new leather sofa or cool leather chairs there are many ways to update and love your leather! Look for small accents on modern designs, couches that have sleek lines, and make sure to find a rug you love. With these touches, you will be well on your way to living room style you can boast about.

Looking for some leather accents right now?? Check out these pieces of furniture and see how they look in your living room with the Room Remix app today!