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Mid Century Modern Furniture to Perfect Your Modern Home


Mid Century Modern Furniture to Perfect Your Modern Home


As modern furniture and mid century furniture have started to meld together we are left with a beautiful new combination in interior design. Mid century modern homes are increasingly popular for the clean lines and warm tones of these retro vintage furniture designs. Mid century modern furniture is often marked by its polished natural wood and non-traditional legs that somehow combine to cultivate a minimalist yet unique space everyone loves. Take a look at our list of mid century furniture ideas that will look great in your modern home! 


Mid Century Living Room Furniture | Mid Century Modern Homes

Retro Armchair | Mid Century Modern Furniture

Chairs are an easy first step into the world of mid century furniture.  Mid century modern designs often create uncluttered lines and unique shapes.  These lines are what makes vintage furniture work so well in modern homes. Retro armchairs boast some of the most eclectic shapes and sizes so have fun picking a vintage chair that makes a statement.


Retro Console | Mid Century Modern Furniture

If there’s one thing that comes to mind with mid century home design it’s the 70s-style short dresser.  Modern design has transitioned these pieces to be simple staples of the living room.  Perfect to rest a TV and stereo system, this table will transform your modern living room into a vintage lounge.


Retro Sofa | Mid Century Modern Furniture

Top off your new yet old living room with a simple, modern sofa. The simple aesthetic of modern design work perfectly with mid century look so opt for something you can invest in with clean lines and angles.  Or be bold and try out something vibrant and retro like we found on wayfair!


Retro Desk | Mid Century Modern Furniture

Though not always in the living room, these mid century desks have been taking over the furniture design world with unorthodox geometry and one-of-a-kind appearance. We love them in natural wood tones paired with a bold chair. Don’t forget a few sleek retro accessories and remember to complement with wall art.


Mid Century Modern Kitchen | Mid Century Modern Homes

Retro Table | Mid Century Modern Furniture

Mid century tables are known for their natural wood tones that are perfectly polished and table legs that make a statement.  Whether the classic wide-legged stance or something original like the one below, look for a table that makes a statement for mid century modern kitchen design. We love round tables especially as they seem to balance the curve of retro chairs but there are many beautiful rectangle tables hitting the market. Like the table below from Wayfair which, when paired with a funky rounded chair, will make any retro kitchen stand out.


Mid Century Kitchen Chairs | Mid Century Modern Furniture

As with accent chairs, midcentury kitchen chairs are available in a wide range of amazingly unique shapes and sizes. We love the rainbow retro chairs of the table below. The solid colors and bold shape make the different colors work together perfectly. Look for deep-seated chairs with unique backs for your next kitchen table.


Retro Bedroom Decor | Mid Century Modern Homes

Retro night stand | Mid Century Modern Furniture

We love the diversity of new designs coming out in retro night stands. With funky legs and boxy tops these fun night stands bring a dash of vintage to any bedroom. Though they are most commonly found in natural-polished wood we are seeing more and more bold, solid colors coming out. DIY enthusiasts should take to Pinterest and the flea markets but there are many fun retro night stands online on sites like Etsy and Wayfair.


Retro Cabinet | Mid Century Modern Furniture

There are so many fun designs in retro cabinets, but the best part is that they make for very efficient storage containers. These lovely retro cabinets get high marks for form and function.  Go for below the waist height so you can utilize the wide table top for pretty flowers, a big mirror, or a bold piece of art. Bonus points for coordinating your nightstand and cabinet!


We love mid century home design and Pinterest predictions would suggest that mid century modern furniture is here to stay! Not sure that these unique looks would fit in your home? Don’t guess, try the app Room Remix to see retro modern furniture in your own living room or kitchen today! Could your kitchen pull of 4 multi-colored chairs?


Try these mid century modern furniture pieces in your room today with the Room Remix App: